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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Hello, everyone! I am back after being gone for so long. Did you miss me?! I definitely missed blogging. The past few months was overwhelming with student teaching and math classes. Grrrr, math! But hopefully, I will be back for good. ;)

So many good things happened in the past month (I thank the Lord)..but the most important one was graduating! Yay, finally...after the struggle I am done. B.S. in Childhood Education, check! I was unable to attend graduation, however, I went to Hawai'i instead. Woot, woot! Oahu is such a beautiful island. I did not want to leave. I even contemplated about moving my dreams. I definitely recommend going there once in your life, it is so beautiful and everyone is so nice. Hiking in the mountains was a surreal experience and the beaches are magnificent. When I was there, I probably have said "beautiful" a thousand times. 

At the famous Waikiki Beach
Going to eat at Nico's Pier 38 
Tidepools at Makapu'u Lighthouse 
The view from Lanikai Beach 
The famous rock at Waimea Bay
I've shared some of the photos on my trip to Hawai'i. I definitely recommend going there. This must be in your bucket list, trust me! Where did you want to travel this summer?

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Work Flow

Looking at my last post (oh no, 5 whole days ago!), I noticed that I look tan in some of them, hahaha. Sometimes I get too carried away when I change the saturation of pictures that each picture have different colors! My boyfriend introduced me to photoshop editing and I had too much fun. The camera was also not the one I usually use, I forgot it at home because I was too excited to go to the engagement party. Do you know what the lesson is here? TOO much of anything is bad, if you catch my drift. ;) 

1. Polka dot skirt (old) from Forever21
2. Sweater from Forever 21
3. Boots from thrift store in St. Mark's Place

1. Sweater from Forever 21 (similar here
2. Steve Madden boots (old)
3. Beanie and infinity scarf from local store
4. Watch from Target (got this for $3!)
5. Pants from H&M (old)

Whenever I do not write new posts, I always feel guilty because it disappoints me when I visit my favorite blogs and they have not posted anything new (assuming, I am one of your favorites!). So here outfits that I have worn this past week! My favorite one is the polka dot skirt and the white sweater! I love the red sweater because I am obsessed with anything that is bright and colorful. I love rich, full colors. I am coveting these blue shoes from Zara at the moment but my size is sold out. What are you coveting at the moment? 

P.S. I apologize for the pictures (only iPhone quality). Have a wonderful weekend! <3
P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,

Monday, February 18, 2013

Party People

Good morning everyone! How was everyone's weekend? My weekend was wonderful! It was filled with catching up with friends, hanging out with them, and celebrating a couple's engagement. It is nice to see friends who you have not seen in a while. It is always fun reminiscing funny memories with them and still be able to laugh about it. Sometimes I get caught up in my hectic life and I forget what's truly important but a great company of friends should always be treasured.

1. Top from Zara
2. Skirt from Forever 21
3. Belt from Strawberry
4. Thrifted bag
5. Prabal Gurung heels from Target 
6. Mink fur (lent by the boyfriend's Mom!)

I was able to take my babes, Prabal Gurung heels, for a spin yesterday at the engagement party! I got it on Friday, finally! I was looking at the reviews for the shoes and everyone was saying how it is a half size too big. I was hoping this was not the case but 'twas the case! However, soles made all the difference. All the heel years of my life and I just recently discovered the glorious soles that makes heels tolerable! Whenever I go to Duane Reade or CVS or Rite-Aid, I spend a good half hour looking at the different comfort soles that you can wear with your heels (or shoes in general). Ding..ding..ding..obsession! This poses a problem because I end up buying three different kinds of soles, fie! How do you wear your heels (or shoes) to make them comfortable?

P.S. Have a wonderful day off to those who have off! Stay warm; it's freezing out!
P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Me, Love Me

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

Just wanted to do a quick post for Valentine's day! Happy love day to all. I have been wanting to share these photos with you since last week! As many of you know, Prabal Gurung's collection in Target was released last Sunday...and you know what I did, I put an alarm for midnight but it was not online yet! My second alarm was at 3 AM (thinking maybe it is California time) and my third alarm was for 5 AM...and that was when I purchased my lovely shoes and dress that have not arrived yet. Damn you, UPS! Just kidding. UPS probably knows who I am by now and can deliver packages where I live blindfolded (yes, that's how much I love online shopping!). However, I felt incomplete because I knew I wanted to purchase the colorful kaleidoscope sweater but it was already sold out by 10 AM...oh the crazies! I searched for this sweater in my Target store. The only one left, woohoo (even though it is a medium)! 

1. Sweater from Forever 21
2. Infinity scarf from a local vendor
3. Skirt from Forever 21
4. Jacket from Banana Republic
5. Kitten heels from Asos
6. Boots from Zara 

This is what I wore for student teaching today! I actually wanted to pair it with the boots however I would have died from standing with those 4 inch heels all day. Today, I gave my 4th graders a goodies bag so they all feel loved; it was so fun bagging the chocolate and candies. I got the nifty pink bag from Target. Oh, and if you did not notice, I am wearing my kitten heels. Purrrrr. The search has ended. My life is complete....until I own a Chanel bag, perhaps. ;) How did you guys spend your day today? 

P.S. Spread the love today and always! <3
P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,

Saturday, February 9, 2013


I was looking at my Facebook albums yesterday (reminiscing) and I came across these pictures from Albany, NY. If you have never been to Albany, you definitely have to take a trip up there. The best time to go is during Tulip Fest! The weather is beautiful and the colorful tulips are everywhere. Usually, there are bands that play music too; its like a carnival for tulips (plus the awesome food)! When you're there you definitely have to stop by Empire State Plaza, see the Capitol building, run around The Egg (haha, yes it is shaped like an egg!), enjoy the view of the Hudson River, and party with college students downtown (Pearl St. is the place to be or it used to be). I used to be home sick the first semester of my freshman year but it was the college experience I will never forget!

1. Boots from Payless
2. Peace shirt from Forever 21 (I'm still in love with this shirt!)
3. Cardigan from Target
4. Pants from Mandee (The thank-God-I-still-have-these-pants!)

Seeing these pictures, I realize how my fashion has evolved throughout the years. I used to only wear tight clothing and if it was a bit baggy on me, I did not really like that. However, I love the loose and comfortable fit now! I used to love the boots I wore in the photos and I actually still have them! I remember these boots used to make this jingling sound when I walked so whenever I was late for class, I had to tiptoe so I would not be heard! I only wore heels back then too (I-am-short-complex) but now I wear heel-less shoes. How has your style evolved? 

P.S. The Walking Dead's mid-season premiere is tomorrow! So excited!
P.P.S. Prabal Gurung's collection for Target also comes out tomorrow! Yay! 
P.P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,

Friday, February 8, 2013

New York Fashion Week

When I was little, I remember tuning into a channel where I was able to see the runways for fashion week (but I may be mistaken). I sat there watching and thinking, "Who on earth would wear those clothes?" I swear, that's what I thought. I was thinking, "Well, I don't think I would see anyone wearing that outfit." I did not really understand it. Fast forward, about 11 years later, I've come to love watching the craziness of NYFW with all the gorgeous pieces and the passion for fashion (hey, that rhymes!). Don't get me wrong, I still think some pieces are overly ridiculous but maybe 10 years from now, I will be obsessed with those overly ridiculous pieces. Maybe.

Here are some (there were tons of others) of the pieces that I absolutely adore:

The pieces are from Proenza Schouler (the first two), Calvin Klein (3, 4, 5, 6), BCBGMAXAZRIA (7) and the last ones are from Ralph Lauren. Oh, a great website to keep up with NYFW is this AND you can watch it live from here! Isn't that wonderful? How are you keeping up with NYFW?

P.S. Hashtag on instagram and twitter for NYFW is obviously #nyfw! Be inspired by the fashion!
P.P.S. Take your flu shots! I've been in bed for the past two days (trying to make it to only two!). :(
P.P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Prabal Gurung for Target

Did I tell you one of the stores I am obsessed shopping in? of them is Target! Sometimes you get really lucky and you find good deals, especially when it comes to their clothes and shoes. I bought my oxfords there for $19.99...and it looked very similar to the other expensive brands. I know you may say the quality is cheap, however, I disagree! Some materials may be cheaply made but not all. Some of the shoes and clothes I bought from Target are still rockin'. As some of you may know, Target announced its latest designer collaboration with Prabal Gurung back in October. On February 10, the limited-edition collection is coming in Target stores! Check out the youtube video here, Prabal Gurung for Target. And this is why I love Target! Here is a preview of the collection. 

Notice how I always start with a picture of shoes first....obsession, I tell you. ;) I am in love with look 10 and look 6, I love dresses. And I definitely want to get the black strappy sandals; please be within my budget. I have been wanting these type of sandals in my shoe collection. They are simple and can be worn with many outfits. Don't you think? I am also looking forward to (among many others) Kate Spade's collaboration with Keds which will be coming in March. The sneakers are adorable! What are you looking forward to in the Spring? (Spring break is on the list too.) 

P.S. Thank you for reading my posts! It means a lot to me! :)
P.P.S. xoxo

Yours truly,